About Us

SCUBA-DOO is an optional activity when traveling out to the Great Barrier Reef with GREAT ADVENTURES. This is an underwater experience not to be missed.

You will Pilot your very own underwater Scooter as we descend 3 meters to the coral reefs on a fully guided tour. You will be mesmerised by the coral reefs and the amazing colours on display from some of the 1500 species of reef fish that call this wonderland home.

As we cruise among the myriad of reef fish and corals experience a chance encounter with Wally (Humped Headed Wrasse) AKA locally as our resident Maori Wrasse, Wally just loves to get a selfie with you!

The SCUBA-DOO underwater tour is a unique opportunity to experience the natural wonders of the Great Barrier Reef and the day to day inhabitants. You are welcome to bring your own underwater Cameras to get those lasting memories or you may choose from the Professional photos taken throughout the tour.

On entering the SCUBA-DOO your head and shoulders will be clear the water and you will have a 180 degree view from the  your front dome window (don’t worry you can put hands inside to fix your hair for the photos at any time), contact lenses and/or personal glasses maybe worn in the SCUBA-DOO although our dome has a slight optical effect making objects appear a little closer and bigger so we are able to stay that protective distance from the corals.

The SCUBA-DOO has a continuous air flow so you can just breath effortlessly as you are now, comfortable seating, and a easy to use left and right steering fitted with a “go/stop” button so you can sit back relax and enjoy your underwater experience , remember there is  no swimming ability required simply because there is absolutely no swimming involved.


Before or after your SCUBA-DOO tour, you may wish to help yourself to  lunch buffet provided by GREAT ADVENTURES or you may choose to Snorkel the coral reefs as all snorkelling equipment provided at no charge and accessible at any time throughout the day. If you just want to soak up some rays and relax then then the sun deck is for you …

Don’t forget there will be half hour departures of the GREAT ADVENTURES  Semi- Sub vessel, providing complimentary coral viewing tours.

If you require any further information about GREAT ADVENTURES or wish to book your SCUBA-DOO Tour click the BOOK NOW link or CONTACT US  for more information.